I am not quite sure if I can believe all the numbers that are pouring in from everyone, but I am extremely stoked to see that this April Challenge has really taken off. To start, I wanted to show you guys a graph of our groups' distances as a whole over the past 7 weeks. Notice the rather long March slump . . . and then look at the explosion over the past week. This past week was the most distance recorded by the 2FNs crew—ever.

And now for the pierogi and kielbasa!




April Challenge:

So, I wanted to recap that Team Alpha worked toward setting the initial distance benchmark, and Team Omega set a duration benchmark. One point of clarification: accepted distances are from running and elliptical workouts, while duration allows for cross-training times, such as cycling, rowing, and any other cardio workout. This is to encourage people to vary up their workouts and really hit it hard even if they can't run a ton!

Team Alpha Results

God Bless Amy, who more than carried her weight for Team Alpha this week!

Team Omega Results

I am super happy to see how balanced Omega is. Very impressive all around; keep it up!

The Benchmarks to Beat

Distance: 96.21 km

Duration: 1,017 minutes

Team Alpha is going to try to log more than 1,017 minutes of cardio this coming week, while Omega is going to try to push past the 96.21 kilometer mark. Make it happen!

Keep it up, guys; I am super excited to see the awesome amount of effort this past week, and I hope to see both teams score points this coming week!


As I said earlier, this past week saw the largest amount of recorded distances—255.96 kilometers—and it shows on the map!