Hey, everyone! The results are in for this past week, so let's dive in!




The distance chart this week is in a slightly different format. With the sheer number of people now reporting in each week, the graphs are getting very convoluted. This week I'm just posting the weekly information, while I work on a new solution for next week. Keep it up, guys!

April Challenge

Team Alpha

Team Omega


Sadly, both teams failed to beat the benchmarks from the previous week. It had a lot to do with quite a few of us taking part in the 5K race, so I know a lot of us took it easy a bit. That is totally okay! The score is still 0 to 0, and this week let's us try really hard and push ahead!

Times to Beat

Week 1 Benchmarks still hold: 96.21 kilometers for Team Alpha to beat, and 1,017 minutes for Team Omega! Let's step it up and get it done!


We added an extra 230 kilometers this week!