I am a Victor.

So this past weekend, as you all know, the B.A.A and the city of Boston hosted the Boston Marathon. Marathon Monday is my favorite holiday in Boston. It means a day off from work and the traffic on the train is a good excuse not to run errands. It has always been a glamorous day of sleep right before finals. This year was the first that I actually watched the Marathon, and it was the first that I was in pain from sore muscles.

I had decided I wasn't going to run the B.A.A 5k with the rest of the Fat Nerds because, despite half-hearted efforts, I hadn't really trained for it. On Saturday we all went down to get our bib numbers and t-shirts. I didn't even bring my registration card with me, I just didn't see the point. Watching everyone pick up their shirts, I was bummed. I was disappointed in myself and I really felt like I had let everyone down. Jon told me I should try to get my packet and shirt because, hey, I paid for it, and who doesn't like a new t-shirt? So I had them print me a new card and I retrieved my bib and t-shirt of shame: a shirt I would never wear without feeling upset.

Saturday night we ate a big family meal and excitement for the race bubbled around the table. It was to be Dave's first 5k, and definitely the first race everyone was doing together. About halfway through the meal Brooks announced she was going to take my bib number and run, because, why not?

Ninja mind-tricks. That is what that family specializes in. I went from adamantly refusing to run to  lining up behind the start line next to my Bandit running partner, Brooks, in a split second. I didn't want to run an untrained 5k by myself, and I didn't want to hold anyone back from getting their best time, but when Brooks and I decided to run together, it all sounded more fun. Sure, we didn't run the whole race, and we didn't clock in at an awesome time, but we got out there and did it. We came in under the pushed-to-the-sidewalk hour and I didn't trip and pass out in a pool of my own vomit, so I think we can score this one in the Win column.

Jon, Dave, Adrienne and Mike

The best thing about running the B.A.A 5k was the feeling afterward. I sprinted (or at least what felt like a sprint at that point) to the finish line of the Boston Marathon, and I felt like I could do anything. Getting a medal and meeting up with the family and friends that ran was a great reminder of how awesome it is to be part of a team. And from this race, Team Brunch was born.

There are few things Brooks and I love more than brunch (except nachos, but Team Nacho is kind of silly). At the end of the race, when I wanted to give up, Brooks reminded me that the sooner I finish, the sooner I could drink coffee and eat brunch. Although the idea of eating brunch at that point was solidly unappetizing, it got me to the end (that is kind of a fat joke). In the aftermath of our debut road race, we have committed to becoming a team of our own, to train together to get in tip-top shape. We've already been out running together again! Sometimes all it takes is someone to run with you, to keep you going. We've even registered for our next 5k (one we hope to run completely) with my mom, Susan, and Ellie. You will be seeing the Ladies of 2FNS at the 34th Freihofer's Run for Women in Albany on June 2nd.