So, it has come to my attention that there are two exceptionally funny videos on youTube that I need to link here. Please watch them at the bottom of this post; they are quick and extremely amusing and accurate.

Secondly! The past couple of days have been interesting for me. I actually went to the gym and used the membership I've been paying for after many, many months of "donating" money to the JCC. Over the weekend I tweaked my achilles and right ankle, so I've been forced to take it a little easier than normal. I came to the realization, though, that I don't need to actually stop exercising. Thus, Ellie took me to the gym and plopped me down on two different ellipticals she likes.

I've used them before, and I am honestly not a huge fan. It feels like whenever I get moving at a good pace the stupid machine tries to buck me off of it, or I get a "MAX SPEED" warning display. I play with the resistances, stride length, and whatever fancy buttons it has (the built-in fan is cool), and eventually I can get it to a setting that doesn't completely suck . . . but it still doesn't come close to running outside.

The past two days have been good, though. I've had an insane amount of pent-up energy and have wanted to run so badly. Between the snow/ice-rain yesterday and my achilles, being able to let loose at the gym has really helped me supplement my workouts. I think it also probably helps that the machines have television screens on them, and it happens to be playoff hockey season so I'm fairly distracted from the utterly boring monotony that is a gym workout.

I won't be trading in my outdoor runs any time soon, but it is nice to know that when I'm just a bit too sore to push it outside, I can take it easier and still accomplish something at the gym.

I know a lot of people will skip over videos, but trust me these are worth the few minutes.