Hello, everyone! I'm pretty excited about the results this week, so let's get to it!


Keep it up, Adrienne!

Congrats to Adrienne, who put in a ton of effort this week and has the results to prove it!


Several people deserve mentions this week. First, Ellie threw down close to an all time best, and I know several of those were really great workouts! Second, let's give props to Adrienne for going big this past week with almost 19km! Third, to Mom and Dad, who together propelled Team Alpha to victory!

We do have a bunch of holes on the graph; let's finish out next week strong!

April Challenge

Team Alpha

Score one for Alpha!

Team Omega

Mike and Susan went beast mode and carried the rest of the team on their backs!


Alpha: 1, Omega 0

Final Week

I am going to change it up a little bit this week, allowing teams to be able to beat either bench mark for points. This will allow Omega the chance to catch up and score big . . . and push Alpha to defend its title!

Benchmarks to beat: Distance = 111.24km; Duration = 1,017 Minutes

Additionally, I am willing to accept other readers of the blog to join in for this last week if they want to help out a team! If you have been following along and want to get involved, post a comment and let's do it! Let's see both teams end up with 3 points each!


This week we add another 221.44 kilometers to our total! We made it to New Orleans! Next up: Dallas!