Weigh-In Wednesday May 30th: Okay It Is Hot Out!

Another week gone by, another weigh-in day to log in the record books! Weights Click on dah pictcha to make it bigger! Distances Clicking on the picture will make it bigger! New  June Challenge Coming! After taking a break in May, I've come up with a new Challenge that I think [...]

Home Stretch to the Freihofer 5K!

The Freihofer 5k is officially less than a week to go! This Saturday (3 days and 18 hours give or take!),  several 2FNs members will be taking part in the 34th annual Run For Women. I am pretty excited for this race, even though I'm not actually running in it. Playing the spectator roll is a lot [...]

The Team Factor

Yesterday I talked a bit about the Ragnar Relay in the Adirondacks that I now firmly believe is going to happen. I wanted to elaborate a little bit on something I said yesterday. Yesterday was the day I’ve been waiting for. The day when some kind of opportunity presents itself, where normally I would laugh [...]

We Are the Upstate Lunatics

Yesterday was the day I've been waiting for. The day when some kind of opportunity presents itself, where normally I would laugh and say yeah right . . . but not this time. This time I said let's do it. Mark over at Staufenrunning posted on my Facebook wall, with this link: http://www.ragnarrelay.com/race/adirondacks. It is a [...]

Validation from Ninja Warrior

Short post today, as I am the only one in the lab and it is busy! Last night Ellie and I caught a two-hour American Ninja Warrior show. All I can really say is that those people are pretty ridiculous. The amount of physical strength they have is unbelievable. I can't imagine how many hours they must [...]

Bike to Work Day 2012, and What I Learned from NPR

This past Friday was Bike to Work Day 2012. I found that out early Friday morning as I was getting ready for work while listening to NPR. Naturally I decided the only logical thing to do was bust out my bike and head off to work. The morning ride was pretty uneventful as it takes only [...]

Dressing for the Run You Want

This post comes from my lovely wife Ellie, enjoy! You know that saying, "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have"? Well, I think we can apply that to running, too. Over my years of running on and off, I've collected a nice sample size of running outfits off of which I [...]

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