Hello, everyone. It is that time of week, and time to recap April!

A bit of house keeping first! You may notice two new names on the graphs, Sue S. and Raice, welcome aboard! Second matter of business, on the distance graph if you did not log any workouts for the week, I am now going to omit your name. This is to publicly shame you for not getting at least one mile in! But really, it is to avoid a string of gaps in the graph! But, also to shame.

And thank you to all those who are promptly getting their data in to me on Wednesday morning and Tuesday night—it has been a big help!



Shout out to Brindy, who had a monster week, keep it up!

April Challenge

I declare a switcheroo! Because of the fluctuations of new fat nerds as well as some old fat nerds (some injuries and real-life events!), for this final week I decided to form a superconglomerate. Team 2FNS! The people who were active last week combined to form a new team to beat the two previous benchmarks, and here are the results!



As you can see, we beat both of the previous benchmarks! What is amazing to me is how many of us it took to beat previous high water marks. We must have gone all out to set the benchmark intensely high, which I think is great! Overall, I am pretty happy with this month's challenge, and I think I learned a lot about how to structure future competitions.

The Map

Last but not least, the map view! We add another 172 km to our total putting us at Lafayette, Louisiana, home to approximately 120,000 people and founded in 1824. The more you know . . . ?