Quite a few ladies of 2FNs are scheduled to take part in the 34th annual Freihofer's Run for Women in Albany, New York, next month. We are now just under one month away, so I wanted to point out some details about this race for those who are taking part!

Firstly, be prepared for some hills! Although not too severe, the course fluctuates between 160 ft to 242 feet. Below is the profile of the run.

As I found out in Boston, if you aren't used to doing hills at all, they can be rather unpleasant. Take the time over the next few weeks to get used to some; try to map out a similar distance with similar elevation changes.

Secondly, this race is pretty cool because a lot of major athletes take part. It is awesome to see them run this type of fast race. Running in the same race as professional athletes is an awesome experience and feeling. Plus, if you are slow enough you might get to see them headed down the final stretch as you power through the park!

Thirdly, Freihofer's produce some of the most delicious cookies you'll ever eat. If you get tired midrace, I'm sure we can throw you some cookies along the way.

I am looking forward to this race, even though I am not personally running in it. I think it will be a great experience and another great race for Team 2FNS.