Hello Hello! This week was a pretty . . . relaxed week, so lets dive in and look! (Note that I'll be updating the graphs throughout the day as a couple of slackers finally wake up and report in!)



Looks like running races is a great way to keep your mileage up. Congrats to Mark, Amy and Sue again for their weekend races!

Overall, I think we were a little lethargic the past couple of weeks. I like to believe it is because of a lack of monthly challenge! Either way, lets pick it up next week!


We added an additional 172 kilometers to our voyage across America. This puts us right smack dab at the Louisiana-Texas border. Yay! Fun fact for the day: Did you know that google maps has a limit on the number of points you can place on a map? I sure didn't! Apparently you can only utilize points A-Y!