The Freihofer 5k is officially less than a week to go! This Saturday (3 days and 18 hours give or take!),  several 2FNs members will be taking part in the 34th annual Run For Women.

I am pretty excited for this race, even though I'm not actually running in it. Playing the spectator roll is a lot of fun. We will have to figure out where to camp out along the course to maximize our camera angles, and then figure out how fast we need to get to our next spot in order to get more pictures! Then, we will have to rush down to the finish line through the mass of spectators to watch our runners cross with a triumphant look on their faces. The tricky thing about this course is it doubles back on itself, so we will have to be careful where we pick to watch from. I am hoping we can get plenty of good pictures to share with everyone.

It should be a lot of fun, and pretty cool to see some of the top women competitors in the world compete for the decent prize money. I'm not sure how big the fitness expo is, but hopefully there will be plenty of free samples =). The best part of all though has got to be the Freihofer's products that will be enjoyed. Those cookies sure are delicious.