Beating the Heat!

No, I'm not talking about the Miami Heat . . . though I expect most of my readership probably only vaguely recalls them as an NBA team, not to mention the fact that they won the championship this year. I'm actually talking about the heat and humidity that most of the North East and probably [...]

Weigh-In Wednesday, June 27th: Variety’s the Very Spice of Life!

Hello Everyone! Today is Wednesday . . . which means we have new statistics to report! Weights Dave is now hot pink, so his color-blindness can rest at ease! Anti-Fat Points Mike and Ellie  really threw it down this week, and Amy as always! Mike had seven different workout types logged in, which is [...]

Half-Marathon Training Begins

Having completed quite a few weeks on the ten-mile program, Ellie and I made the decision last night to transition directly into a twelve-week half-marathon training program. The schedule is a bit more rigorous and involves four different types of runs: 1. Easy Runs: Easy jog, breathing easily and steadily; active but not challenging 2. Tempo [...]

Congrats to the B.A.A. 10K Runners, and What I Did This Weekend!

A very special congrats is in order to Mike, Suz, and Dave, who finished the Boston Athletic Association's 10k Race on Sunday! Mike and Suz did it in 1:01:01 and 1:01:02, and Dave finished it in 1:19:13! Awesome job! Mike, Suz, and Dave, from left to right. This weekend was pretty busy for Ellie and I [...]

Weigh-In Wednesday, June 20th: Only a Little Humid Outside

As the title suggests, it has been about 90 degrees with 50–80 percent humidity in Buffalo, New York. I thought it was supposed to snow here year round? Another Weigh-In is here, and the results are exciting! Most important, the AFP totals are in for the first time ever! Weights Click picture to enlarge! [...]

Book Review: “The First 20 Minutes” by Gretchen Reynolds

Last month I wrote a short first-impressions review of The First 20 Minutes by Gretchen Reynolds. Today I wanted to write a follow-up review on my overall thoughts of the book. I think if I were to have to apply one word to the book overall, it would be informative. Reynolds injects quite a lot of scientific-study [...]

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