Tomorrow is the Freihofer's Run For Women, and I very well could be more excited for it than those running the actual race!

Just to recap some basic tips for the new race runner:

  1. Don't change up anything from your usual routine. Stick to the same foods, don't drink coffee energy drinks, and don't switch your shoes at the last second. Be consistent with what you know.
  2. Don't worry about anyone else on the race course. It will seem like people are passing you the entire time, but at the same time you will be passing a whole bunch of people, too!
  3. Don't splash water in your eye, it hurts. I wasn't used to drinking water on the run—it is difficult.
  4. Some things will go wrong on race day, and it is important to roll with the punches!
  5. Have a blast, because at the end of the day the only thing matters is that free box of cookies . . . oh, and the sense of accomplishment you have when crossing the finish line.

Don't stress, have fun, and seriously—don't drink the coffee energy drink. I'm not kidding.

Look forward to some guest posts featuring post-race recaps come Monday!