Looks like another Wednesday is here . . . but wait?! It is not just another Wednesday. It is National Running Day! To celebrate, everyone should go for a quick run!


Bunch of slackers today, send me weights people!


New Challenge

I am going to present a new challenge, one that will attack the very weakness that is 2FNs. Consistency. Looking back now on the vast amount of workout data, I can identify one major problem, and that is consistent workouts from one week to another. Thus, I present a new challenge.

The Basics

The basic idea is to go two complete weigh-in cycles with EVERYONE logging a minimum of three workouts a week for two weeks. The challenge will not be completed until everyone on the team has completed that goal, DURING THE SAME WEEK. This means, if Jon only gets two workouts in during the second week, while everyone else on the team had three, the two weeks start fresh and we continue on for another two weeks until everyone gets it together! I assume much harassment will ensue, etc.

This challenge is going to be an OPT-IN challenge, which means you need to LEAVE A COMMENT if you want to participate. I don't to enlist someone who has no intention of working out on a regular basis, making everyone else on the team suffer!

How To Log

As always, you can use the two systems to log your data just as you normally would.


This week we add an additional 170 kilometers to our total, putting us at Denton, Texas! Fun fact: University of North Texas produced the band Meat Loaf. . . . That place is okay by me!