Short post today, as apparently it is an exciting day here at the lab! In short, we are getting a new instrument online soon and had a morning conference, which means one thing . . . free bagels.

I love bagels. Did you know that they boil them?

Our new instrument is an Ion Torrent PGM!

I am in the process of negotiating the ability to sequence my dog Audrey on this new machine. It is a tough sell, but it might just happen with a little bit of pestering (and some out of pocket money)! It is a business idea: sequence your dog in a few hours, figure out what type of dog it is, then charge people a lot of money for the service! Brilliant! I know people already do this, but with new technology I'm sure we could work a new angle.

Anyway, I've heard a lot of people excited for this new challenge, let's try to get everyone at three days this week! Go, Go! Happy Friday! Have a good weekend, and run a lot!