This past weekend, Ellie and I came to a decision. Three days of running per week is just simply not enough.

Throughout any given week, I've been getting pretty restless on nights with no scheduled run. I'm not quite sure what to do, and usually it results in me lying on the couch, talking at Ellie while she tries her best to ignore me and watch whatever show she had wanted to watch. It is pretty unfair of me because I cause her to miss most of the important dialogue with questions like, "Why is she lying to him?" or "Is that the good twin or the evil twin?" I think it is in the best interest of all parties involved if we step up our training. We will throw in an extra day and slightly shift our scheduled days to accommodate for it by going to a Tues-Wed-Fri-Sun schedule.

Ellie made me delicious monkey bread!

It has another added benefit, too. It will prevent us from eating poorly on Fridays because we know that we want to feel decent for our evening run. I've noticed that when we don't have a scheduled run, we are astronomically more likely to eat or drink foods that we wouldn't dare touch on days we have to run. Don't get me wrong, our diet has been healthy (minus the delicious monkey bread that Ellie made me with TuTu's recipe), but when we know we have two days off, we are much more likely to dine out or order in . . . and our food choices aren't always the most runner friendly.

I think the only thing left to figure out in order to really make a go at a more intense running schedule is my ongoing issue with blisters. My recovery time has been getting faster and faster, and I've noticed that having substantially less weight on me has made running quite a bit easier. Really, it almost seems like the timing is just right to increase our workout load, especially with the prospects of a potential half-marathon in October and the Ragnar Relay at the end of September.

Who would have ever thought that I'd be excited at the prospect of running more?