Hello, everyone! The results are in, counted, graphed, analyzed, and potentially fudged for your viewing pleasure! I want to take the time here to welcome a couple of  new brave individuals who have joined in on the fun. Please welcome Gracie and Linda to the mix!!! With that, let's do dis like Brutus!


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I want to stop and give props to Adrienne for another strong week. Keep it up!!!


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Big shout-outs to Mark and Amy, who have stepped it up once again. Amy over at Lavender Parking is diving into marathon training and runs an awesome blog. Go check it out! Mark at Staufenrunning has once again set the bar high and demonstrated what is possible! Also, great job Mike and Susan, who had an awesome week.

Frequency Challenge

Last week I talked about a new challenge for the team. The concept behind the challenge is to get everyone doing at minimum a three-day workout schedule for two consecutive weeks. One of the major things I've noticed in my data is that consistency is not our strongest attribute, so I wanted to work on that! Sadly, we came up short of getting everyone to do the three days necessary this week, which means we have some work to do this coming week! Awesome job, though, to everyone who did rise to the occasion!

Pretty good overall, let's all hit the mark again and get one week down!

The Slushie Challenge

A couple of weeks ago, my sister Adrienne and I started a little side bet. I was feeling rather bold with my recent success and she was feeling a little bit down because of a recent gain. We settled on a small competition to see who could lose the greater percentage of their body weight, each starting at 197 lbs. The winner, who will be announced on July 4th, will be the proud recipient of an iced wine slushie at this year's Taste of Buffalo, a major food-festival celebration in Buffalo. Here are the results so far!

Crap, she is kicking my ass!

Open Question

I wanted to take a quick moment and ask an important question that I urge everyone to answer. I've noticed a recent spike in the login-based tracking system, and I wanted to actively develop it again to make it better, easier to use, and in general more informative. What are some things you guys do not like, things you do like, and things that you want to see developed? I want to make the tool as relatively decent as possible!


We had a huge, huge week in terms of distance. We logged 238 more kilometers, which puts us in Norman, Oklahoma. Just a bit south of Oklahoma City. Very awesome, guys!