This is not typically something I like to bring up, or really talk about. I'm really not comfortable with self-promotion, bragging, or touting my own horn . . . but this morning I am pretty excited and I just really wanted to write a post on it.

Everyone who has gained weight inevitably has a range of clothing sizes in his or her closet and wardrobe. It is kind of depressing really, when one size no longer fits, you put that away for the summer, when you'll strive to get back and shape and will be able to put them on again. Slowly they change from one size too small to two sizes too small . . . and the prospect of saving them for summer becomes more and more wishful thinking rather than a plausible reality.

I had put a few pairs of jeans away a couple of years ago, and somehow they've managed to get through an apartment move and have escaped many bags of old clothes tossed in donation bins around New York State. Every so often when I am out of clean laundry and I have to frantically look for something suitable to put on to go to work, I'd head into the guest room and look through the wardrobe . . . ignorantly hoping that it would contain something of use. Who knows, maybe a magical flamboyant fairy put a new pair of jeans in there for me? Every time I would go searching, I would see the stack of jeans I had put away and it would make me stop and pause. It would always make me feel pretty crappy to know that there wasn't a chance my ghetto booty would fit in them.

These go well with khaki pants right?

This past week I've been stuck in khaki pants every day, because my only good pair of jeans that fit are in the laundry. Somehow wearing my Jamaican-style Merrell road-glove minimalist running shoes just don't jive with a dress shirt and khaki pants. I mean, I have dress shoes in both black and brown, but those things aren't minimalist!

I don't know why I did this, but this morning I once again trudged to the guest room. I grabbed my favorite pair of jeans from the stack of size 34 x 32, and I tried them on. They actually fit. I mean, they weren't like the most loose pair of jeans I've ever worn, but around the waist was comfortable. I realized quickly though, after nearly throwing Audrey up in the air out of happiness, that my favorite pair actually have a split in the seem in one of the legs. I assume it was from wearing them when they didn't quite fit anymore. Thus, I took them off and swapped to another pair from the stack of 34 x 32. Fits good, and my ghetto booty is contained. This makes me pretty happy. For a while now I've been wearing 38 x 34, which, as I've lost weight, have gotten pretty ridiculous. I am pretty stoked to drop two pant sizes, back into something more flattering.

Honestly, wearing clothes that I feel good about and in the size range where I want to be makes me want to bounce off the walls all day long. It was a pretty nice surprise this morning, and makes me want to keep going hard until I accomplish my goals. Hopefully this didn't come across as bragging!