While coding up the new Anti-Fat Point system for the blog, I have been looking through a huge amount of activities with their associated MET levels. In the 2011 Compendium of Physical Activities, there are some pretty ridiculous things included, along with standard things like running and conditioning. Today, I wanted to share a few of my favorites.

Top-Ten Most-Interesting Inclusions in the 2011 Compendium for Physical Activities

  1. Whirlpool Sitting: 1.3 METS - Apparently trying to fight the current is not that hard.
  2. Butchering Animals: 3.0, 6.0 METS - They make sure to make a distinction between large and small animals, because the degree of exercise varies quite drastically.
  3. Cooking Indian Bread on an Outside Stove: 3.0 Mets - Seriously?
  4. Casino Gambling: 2.5 METS- Pulling those levers is quite a workout.
  5. Sitting on a Toilet, Eliminating while Standing or Squatting: 1.8 METS - T.M.I.
  6. Having Hair or Nails Done by Someone Else: 1.3 METS - I guess trying to figure out what the ladies are saying about you does burn extra energy.
  7. Walking in Church: 3.0 METS - Apparently walking in church is different than walking outside of church?
  8. Moving Ice House: 6.0 METS - I want to know how they confirmed this effort.
  9. Sports Spectator: 3.3 METS - They make sure to suggest that the spectator is very excited, emotional, and physically moving.
  10. Taking Medication: 1.5 METS - Taking medicine burns more energy than sitting in a whirlpool?

Sorry, guys, I didn't include these things in the tracking system. If petitioned enough, though, I may add "cooking Indian bread on an outside stove."