As the title suggests, it has been about 90 degrees with 50–80 percent humidity in Buffalo, New York. I thought it was supposed to snow here year round?

Another Weigh-In is here, and the results are exciting! Most important, the AFP totals are in for the first time ever!


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Huge, huge congrats to Tino who has just demonstrated an extremely effective use of a food log. Keep it up, man; we are all rooting for you!

Anti-Fat Weekly Totals

This is the first week of Anti-Fat Points, and some of you may have noticed the system being tweaked as we go. Last night I scaled the system up and got rid of decimal points, so it is a little bit less clumsy. I hope everyone is having fun with the points system, and I'm excited to see all of the new workout types being logged! Keep it up!

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What I like the most about this system is being able to really show who has been doing a ton of work, not just the runners in the group. Suz, for instance, has been doing a ton of work for many, many weeks now, and this system finally can recognize that. So, too, has Dollard with his Insanity workouts. What is also exciting is the prospect of AFP-based weekly and monthly challenges!


Here is the standard distance charts for all you distance-based people!

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A pretty great week all around with almost everyone reporting in!

Slushie Challenge

As you may remember, Adrienne and I have a bet going on to see who can lose a larger percentage of their body weight by July 4th. Here are the results so far!

Frequency Challenge

Perhaps one of our most difficult challenges to date, here are the weekly results from our Frequency Challenge. Remember, the goal is for everyone on the team to log a workout on three separate days of the week.

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Everyone achieved the goal . . . except for Dave. Which means another two weeks to go, with at least three days of workouts per person! A shout out to Gracie is in order, who stepped it up to meet the mark; awesome job! Everyone else did great, except for Dave, what a jerk. Please leave comments yelling at him.

Overall I am extremely happy with how this challenge is working out so far. I have gotten so many angry texts and phone calls saying how people don't want to be the one to make the whole group do another two weeks. That alone tells me that this is a success! Keep it up, guys; I want to see us complete this goal and prove that we can do it!


Another spectacular week for distances, completing another 257 kilometers. We passed through Oklahoma City, and the next major stop is to see Amy in Albuquerque!!!