This is a little bit off-topic today, but as I've talked about my brewing of beer in the past, I thought I would just talk briefly today about a style of beer that is quickly becoming my absolute favorite.

Cathedral in Cologne, Germany, taken on our trip in 2008

Köslch is a style of beer out of Köln (Cologne), Germany. While Ellie was living in Germany, I had the privilege to travel there with her to visit the famous Cologne Cathedral, which is an absolutely stunning architectural wonder. To get to Cologne, we took the regional train from Dortmund. I remember this trip quite a lot because upon entering into the city, you cross a river on a beautiful bridge overlooking the whole city, with a brilliant display of the cathedral. In fact, as soon as you step out of the main train station, the cathedral is right in front of you.

German cities take a special pride in their local brewing history and styles, and I have always had a bit of a special desire to learn the subtleties between regions. To distinguish between a Dortmunder and a Hefeweizen, to knowing the nuances of the many beers of the Munich and Oktoberfest varieties has always been something I want to be able to do.

A couple of weeks ago I was browsing the vast beer selection at the grocery store (gotta love Wegmans), and noticed a brand new brew from one of our local Buffalo breweries called Flying Bison. They released the Buffalo Köslch 716, and I have to say, it is one of the better brews I've had in a long time. It sticks to the style and is an exceptionally well balanced, easy drinking beer with a full body.

Perhaps I am biased to the style becase of the fond memories I have of the city. Afterall, I also had one of the best desserts of my life there with my soon-to-be wife!

Kiwi Liquor Sundae, Chocolate and Hazelnut Ice Cream "Baked Potato" with Cherry Liquor