A very special congrats is in order to Mike, Suz, and Dave, who finished the Boston Athletic Association's 10k Race on Sunday! Mike and Suz did it in 1:01:01 and 1:01:02, and Dave finished it in 1:19:13! Awesome job!

Mike, Suz, and Dave, from left to right.

This weekend was pretty busy for Ellie and I out in Buffalo, too! Though we didn't run any races, we did run our longest distance to date on Friday evening, logging ten miles on a beautiful, comfortable night. We set out to a friend's house a little over four miles away, at which point we stopped to pick up their puppy to take for another mile and a half, after which we returned said puppy and set out for home. It was a pretty good experience overall, though my legs were dead tired by the time we got home.

Saturday was pretty relaxing for me while Ellie traveled to see her sister in Rochester, giving me the chance to watch some Euro Cup soccer, as well as some quality Diablo 3 time with Pat, Byron, and Brian. The game is quite a lot of fun after all, and I think I'll be playing it a bit more frequently!

Sunday was an exercised-filled day, too! Ellie and I headed out to see her parents to assist with tending to some crops, or at least what crops were left after the deer were done with them. I have a new-found appreciation for how much effort gardening can be; after a long day, it really is exhausting. I also now can appreciate how smooth good single-malt scotch is!

A pretty satisfying weekend overall!