Hello Everyone! Today is Wednesday . . . which means we have new statistics to report!


Dave is now hot pink, so his color-blindness can rest at ease!

Anti-Fat Points

Mike and Ellie  really threw it down this week, and Amy as always! Mike had seven different workout types logged in, which is both ridiculous and awesome! Ellie's 10 mile run really generated some serious points too!

Quite a few people have managed to find bugs in the system, and I want to thank everyone for reporting them quickly so I can fix it. I noticed that if you have to edit a workout, the AFP value is not updated properly. I'll try to get this fixed ASAP, it is my top priority.


A pretty productive week overall for those doing distance workouts!

Frequency Challenge

Well, good news and bad news. The bad news is, we had three people fall short of the goal this week. The good news is, Dave got his act together and met the mark! Congrats to everyone for doing pretty well, but it looks like two more weeks at least to go! This challenge has actually been pretty awesome, though at some point I would like to see us knock out a week.

Slushie Challenge

These results took a major swing in Jon's favor, but I have a feeling Adrienne's temporary fluctuation was just that, a poorly timed fluctuation. I expect to see it being a much closer race by next weeks finale!


We added another stellar week, recording 252 kilometers! This puts us ready to cross into New Mexico by next week!!!