Proper Identification Can Go a Long Way

I had my first experience with Alzheimer's Disease on Saturday. Ellie and I were out walking Audrey for a good while, and when we were nearly home we were stopped by a nice little old lady in all pink with a matching pink hat holding a Michelob Ultra plastic cup—quite a site. The city of [...]

Why Olympians Are Olympians.

With the start of the 2012 London Olympics only hours away, I got to thinking about what makes an Olympic athlete stand head and shoulders above the rest. In my brainstorming, I narrowed it down to a few major components I think are essential. 1.) Consistency. An Olympic athlete consistently performs at a high level. The [...]

Get ‘er Done

With so many new Fat Nerds joining our fitness cult group, I would like to share a little bit about where I am in my fat to fit transformation. Last week Jon posted a graph in response to our group’s failure to complete the frequency challenge. It doesn’t sound hard to get everyone to work [...]

Weigh-In Wednesday July 25th: That’s a Lot of Math!

Hello Hello! After many hours of summarizing data, I finally have the results to post! First, I want to welcome all the new members that we've picked up this week. Welcome to Wes, Ian, Lauren, Tony, and hopefully Kareem *cough sign up*. It is pretty exciting to see so many people waiting in the wings [...]

Last Night’s Run

Last night, Ellie and I decided to run to the gym. We don't live far; it's only 1.6 to 1.75 miles away, depending on which way we run. We felt like it would be a great way to get in some extra distance while getting both of us the workouts we like: she got her [...]

Three Days This Week! A General Call to Arms!

Looking at the RSS feed of recent workouts, I've noticed that one of our major road blocks . . . cough Dave cough . . . has been extremely active this week. This means one thing: everyone else better get their three days in because I think we can hit the first week of the [...]

AFP Benchmarks: Am I Doing Enough?

I've gotten quite a lot of positive feedback as a whole in regards to the Anti-Fat Point system. I think it has been working pretty well to normalize between the different workout types, giving credit to people working really hard, and also rewarding people who are just getting started too. Though the system is always [...]

The Chain Game

My Brother Dave came up with a great idea yesterday. He suggested that I shine a spotlight on the people who have been successful in completing the frequency challenge, and I agree. I was listening to NPR this past week, as usual, and they talked about The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. This book written by [...]

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