Hey, its that day of the week again, or at least the time for a new weigh-in post! Let's do it!


Congrats Dave!

Dave had a huge week as a result of several things. Stay tuned to read more about this tomorrow! Congrats to him, to Adrienne, and to Tino, who all posted decent losses!!


This week's point totals are in: huge week for Amy; awesome job! As always, if you want your points posted, make sure to use the login submission system!


This week's distances, with the exception of Mark and Amy, were a little lower than usual. I think a huge part of this was due to the extreme heat that the North East is under. Major props to Mark and Amy who go out and run through it all anyway!

Frequency Challenge

Holy crap . . . we actually did it

Imagine my shock and awe this morning when I ran the queries and saw that everyone had hit the 3-day minimum. Holy crapola, on a holiday week no less! Awesome job, everyone. Now . . . the hard part. Two weeks in a row!!!! Let's go, go, go!


Adrienne pulls it off!

Adrienne, with a stunning reversal from last week, managed to pull off the upset! Awesome job!!! It looks like I owe her some wine slushies this weekend!


We add another 199 kilometers to our grand total. Thanks, Mark and Amy, for propelling us forward! This puts us well within striking range of Albuquerque this coming week. Let's make it happen!