Hey everyone! I hope everyone is surviving the heat wave alright!


Huge congrats to both Adrienne and Tino, who both lost a couple lbs this week!

I've very excited to see Adrienne and Tino both on a downward trend the last few weeks, very encouraging. Keep it up guys!


Monster weeks again for Ellie, Adrienne and Amy. Awesome job ladies!

I wanted to take a quick second to ask if people are interested in a "leaderboard" type of thing. I was thinking of making an RSS Leaderboard on the sidebar of the website, so you can see who is ranking high, having it reset each month. I thought it might be a fun thing? Whatcha think?


Awesome week for Amy and Ellie and Adrienne, and quite a few others who are in knocking on the 20km door. That’s what I like to see!

Considering how hot it has been, I'm pretty excited to see people still putting up good numbers. I want to see everyone hit the 10km mark each week, and those blank spot people need to step it up!!!


This challenge is never-ending.

I have moved the x-axis to start at -1, to put more public shame on the people who workout 0 times a week. Now you all get red bars of shame.


We tacked on an additional 230 kilometers, putting us into Albuquerque! Not only that though, we continue our voyage onto the next destination!