My Brother Dave came up with a great idea yesterday. He suggested that I shine a spotlight on the people who have been successful in completing the frequency challenge, and I agree.

I was listening to NPR this past week, as usual, and they talked about The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. This book written by Stephen R. Covey, who just passed away a few days ago, promotes ideas and strategies for becoming more independent, more successful, and more confident. Along with talking about this book, NPR talked about the comedian Jerry Seinfeld, who once discussed his strategy for maintaining productivity. It is called "Don't Break The Chain." Basically, this chain game is simply keeping track of a running total of the number of successes you have in a row. As the chain gets longer and longer, your desire to maintain the success grows.

After Dave's discussions about highlighting the people who have had success working out three days a week for the past six weeks, it jogged my memory back to this segment on NPR. Thus, after more discussion, the 2FNs Chain Game Starts.

As shown in the above graph, each person has two bars. The blue bar represents your Longest chain of weeks in a row. Mark has successfully strung 6 weeks of three workouts a week in a row, thus he has six bars filled up. The Green bar represents  your current active chain. Adrienne has one week hitting the three-day goal currently, so if she completes another three days this week, she will have two bars.

How It Works

  • Each week, those of you who submit at least three days of workouts to me will add a week on your chain.
  • If you fail to complete three days of working out, your chain will break, resetting your "Current Chain" back to 0.
  • I'll update the graph each week Wednesday, along with the other Weigh-In Wednesday statistics.

The graph is going to be sorted based on the longest current chain, as to highlight people who are actively working hard, as opposed to someone who in the past did good but has since stopped.

Let me know what you think of this idea. Also, I hope you guys like the Leaderboard RSS feed that is now displaying on the blog. Amy really is kicking all of our butts!