Last night, Ellie and I decided to run to the gym. We don't live far; it's only 1.6 to 1.75 miles away, depending on which way we run. We felt like it would be a great way to get in some extra distance while getting both of us the workouts we like: she got her gym workout, and I got my outside run. The heat and humidity were absolutely brutal, and we had a pretty powerful wind blowing right in our faces all the way there. But we did it, got some extra gym workouts in, and ran home. Looking back, it was a pretty successful evening, really, . . . but getting to that point was interesting.

Going to the gym was a pretty terrible run. For such a short distance, it felt truly awful. There was an interesting side story that I'll inject here that was pretty amusing. I remembered as we were heading out the door that in the parkway just a block or so from our apartment, there was a major book invasion. Yeah, you read it right. Last night, the city of Buffalo had a "Read-In" where people grabbed some lawn chairs or blankets, their books of choice, and some friends and simply sat and read together. It was probably the oddest yet most positive thing I've seen in a long time. It really was just a bunch of people reading near each other. Supposedly, it will be the quietest event held in that parkway all summer, so that's an accomplishment, I suppose. It was pretty cool to see to be honest. I have to admit, Ellie had to shuffle me off when I started laughing at the antisocial readers who chose to park themselves far away from the other social readers . . . for some reason I found that hilarious.

Anyway, back to the point of the post. As we were running to the gym, and an idea came to me, "I should have started a food blog; it would have been way easier." This was about a half a mile into the run, where all my muscles hurt from warming up (and also the point where I usually ask myself, "Why the heck are you doing this?!"). I could have been a happy, corpulent food blogger eating all of what Buffalo has to offer, no running necessary!  But after this short-lived epiphany, I also remembered that I really wouldn't have been happy. Every time I would have seen myself in a mirror at the mall, surrounded by racks of clothes that didn't fit me very well, I would have questioned my decision to blog about food.

Working out yesterday reminded me of how difficult it can be and why it is so easy to not go for a run. Some days it just doesn't feel good. And even when you are gung-ho to get out there, sometimes it just sucks. Instead of quitting though, the accountability of this blog kicked me in the rear. The response to yesterday's post was overwhelming. We actually hit an all-time single-day record for number of views here at 2FNs. It made me appreciate just how many people want to overcome that desire to quit working out. To not settle for a simple food blog (no offense to all you food bloggers, I <3 your recipes). It made me keep pushing through the pretty terrible conditions and finally make it to the gym, where we did more exercises. Then, when it came time to head home, I happily ran with Ellie all the way back (wind at our backs finally!), feeling better about everything than I have in a long time.

2FNs accountability: 1;  Jon's desire to quit after a half a mile: 0.