Hello Hello! After many hours of summarizing data, I finally have the results to post! First, I want to welcome all the new members that we've picked up this week. Welcome to Wes, Ian, Lauren, Tony, and hopefully Kareem *cough sign up*. It is pretty exciting to see so many people waiting in the wings to join in! Also, there is a new Guide available for using the Tracking System. It is in rough-draft mode right now, but it is available in the drop-down menu on the tracking system option!


First on the agenda, Weights! For all of you new members, if you would like to take part and have your weight displayed, please leave a comment. I only post weight information for people who have specifically asked!

Another Spectacular Week for Tino, nice job man!


Here are the weekly Anti-Fat point totals:

Awesome job Dave, Adrienne and Amy. Keep it up guys!

Weekly Breakdowns

Instead of posting the typical distance graph I wanted to move away from it to a new group-based format. I hope you like it!

All 2FNs Member Distance Totals!

All submitted workout categories, and how long (in minutes) we did them!

Frequency Challenge

I guess it does take two to tango... or in this case not to tango, because tangoing is a workout. Slackers.

The Chain Game

Don't break the chain!!!

Each week you can add a bar to your active streak, setting personal records for the number of weeks in a row you workout at least three times!


Overall, we add an additional 206 kilometers (this exlcudes cycle based distances!)