With so many new Fat Nerds joining our fitness cult group, I would like to share a little bit about where I am in my fat to fit transformation.

Last week Jon posted a graph in response to our group’s failure to complete the frequency challenge. It doesn’t sound hard to get everyone to work out at least three days a week for two weeks straight. As it turns out, it is incredibly difficult. During any given week someone has an excuse (traveling, holiday, chronic laziness), and on Wednesdays each week, and the challenge, starts over. The graph, “Don’t Break the Chain” showed everyone’s longest trend (in weeks) in working out, and their current trend, or chain. My longest was two weeks, and my current chain was one. Pathetic!

I started out with 2FNs not wanting to participate. I felt forced into a social media weight loss effort (goaded by familial guilt) when I wasn’t ready to change my lifestyle. I was having too much fun in my post-college mania and wasn’t feeling the motivation to actually change something about myself that needed some work (see also chronic laziness). I would have bursts of motivation and bouts of depression when that motivation slackened, and I’d end up eating a cheeseburger and calling it a night.

I tried to cancel my gym membership a few weeks ago. I was paying too much money and I hadn’t been to the gym in two months. When I called and told them I was moving to a location with no Boston Sports Club, they basically laughed at me and said I signed a year-long contract (I did?). After going over my options, I realized I would be paying either way. For some reason, that was the spark that lit. If I was going to be paying for this membership, I might as well be using it.

Now, my chain is still only two weeks long, but my attitude toward exercise has completely changed. It has become a priority in my day. I’ve been going every day after work for at least an hour (two on Fridays) and when I have plans immediately after work, I’ve been going during my lunch hour. I used to think of going to the gym as an hours-long commitment, something I clearly didn’t have the time for. Realizing I could go during my lunch hour, and not be late back to my desk, puts the whole “I don’t have time” excuse into perspective. You do have time! If you have time to watch a sitcom, you have time to go for a run.

I’ve also been taking vitamin B supplements (and you should too). It’s an awesome source of natural energy and helps boost your metabolism. I’ve been taking it for three weeks and I noticed a difference after one. I’ve cut back on caffeine, because I just don’t need it anymore. I had been feeling very sluggish and perpetually exhausted, even with my gym visits (which had historically given me more energy). Now, I’m so energized I sit at my desk all day tapping my foot and I’m so excitable that my friends say I’m annoying and accuse me of using too many exclamation points in our Gchat conversations. I’ve never been happier. It’s awesome and you should all look into it. Vitamin B Complex (you need all eight B-vitamins, not just B-12).

I guess I’ve kind of lost my point here, but I’m excited to see new names at 2FNs! Let’s do this!