Part of being healthy isn't just getting into shape. It isn't only about how much weight you can lift, or how far you can run, or what you weigh. It includes many other things like social health, being part of a team, and having a great group of friends. This blog tends to focus mainly on the physical side of getting into shape. We talk quite a lot about how our training routines are going, how we struggle to stay motivated, and what keeps us going. We encourage each other through various challenges and friendly banter, and our progress is monitored by various measurements such as Anti-Fat Points and race times. We don't really get into other aspects of fitness like community programs, public groups, and service.

Today I wanted to break a little from the norm, and give a shout-out and a little social bump to Mike and Suz who are active participants in YES: Youth Enrichment Services of Boston. It is an organization that looks to get Boston kids and teens out into the world, to experience things like skiing and snowboarding, and other year-round healthy opportunities. Oftentimes, these opportunities are limited to people who are better off economically (and can afford all the various pieces of equipment, travel expenses, facility fees, and so on), and this program works to overcome that and provide opportunities to all children.

Getting kids active is a major challenge today. It is so easy to drop them in front of video games, television, or any other number of inactive distractions. Childhood obesity is becoming a major issue in our country, and programs like YES is one piece of the puzzle to overcoming it.

Here is where I want to do a little social plugging. I encourage everyone to sign up and vote for YES, which is in an online competition for some funding. Please vote and show your support for programs that help get kids healthy and out and about in the outdoor world. Who knows? Maybe one of those kids will become the next Olympic ski star. You never know!

To vote: Click here and sign up, an e-mail will be sent once you vote and confirm your vote!