Nerd It Up – What Is Genetic Sequencing, and Why Saying GeneX Is Making You Fat Is Irresponsible.

There are articles everywhere talking about advances in genetic research, finding that single gene that is the culprit for obesity, for diabetes, for cancer, and so on. In a sense, these articles take extremely complex research publications and break them down into a mainstream, digestible format for general consumption. Even still, it really isn't as simple [...]

Weigh-In Wednesday, August 29th: “Sometimes You Just Do Things.”

It is everyone's favorite day of the week! Welcome to all the new members who have registered last week, including (but not limited to):  Jeff, Jackie, Chelsea, and Paige! We now have 40 registered users in the tracking system! This is about 38 more people than I thought would ever use this system, and I [...]

Product Review: Nathan Trail Mix Waistpack

Edit: I Just Realized it's Tino's Birthday!! Happy Birthday! With the Boston half marathon quickly approaching, our Saturday long-training runs have started getting serious. We are now in the eight- to ten-mile range, which is long enough that Ellie and I started getting significantly more thirsty toward the end of the sessions. Ellie got the [...]

Speed Day!

As Ellie and I progress through our training program, getting ever closer to the date, we are now responsible for introducing speed work into our normal routines. Our program describes speed work as the following: "Speed work, either using intervals or hills, builds your aerobic fitness, strength and speed. Interval training involves running fast, but [...]

Book Review: “Eat & Run” by Scott Jurek and Steve Friedman

While on vacation on Cape Cod, I picked up Eat & Run by Scott Jurek and Steve Friedman, hoping to be able to spend some quiet relaxation time in the hammock reading. It was a nice, pleasant thought, but I should have known better than to think I would have time to read. Once I got back [...]

Weigh-In Wednesday, August 22th: Put My Earmuffs on the Cookie!

It's that time of week again, another Wednesday Weigh-In! Weights Each week members who have opted in to have their weights publically displayed for the world (or at least my mom!) to see have their weights graphed on the main blog. It is a great way to keep track over time, and gives a bit more [...]

An Easy Workout to Burn 950 Calories Without Breaking a Sweat!

“Shape” magazine is targeted to women and is filled with new stories about weight-loss secrets and special cayenne pepper, seaweed diets. There is typically a bikini-clad photoshop job on the cover and pages of pictures of flawless muscle definition and perfectly proportioned supermodels demonstrating stretching methods. It’s essentially the Cosmo of the Weight-Loss Industry. As [...]

Weekend Recap! A Tractor Pull, Fresh Produce, and a Seven Miler!

Hello hello! Despite Ellie and I having every intention to lay low this weekend after many travels, we decided to head out to her parents for something completely new to me: A Tractor Pull.  What is a Tractor Pull you ask? Well! Here is a 15 second video I took showing exactly what it is. [...]

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