Hello! It is everyone's favorite day of the week, Weigh-In Wednesday. So my dirty little secret that I must let out, I have an alternative name for Weigh-In Wednesday. I often call it Binge-Wednesday starting at about 5pm, because I have a nasty habit of wanting to eat out and drink beer right after a weigh-in. I'm sure I'm not the only one!

This week we welcome aboard Rich, Sam and Danna!


Another fantastic week for Tino! Also, welcome two new brave souls to weight tracking, Tony and Lauren!!


Awesome job everyone, quite a few people are now hitting the minimum suggestion of 100 AFP a week, and Ellie, Lauren, Suz, Mike and Amy all are far exceeding it, with over 200 AFP. AWESOME JOB GUYS!


Distances of different types of workouts submitted this week.

It is exciting to see just how many different things people are doing to get active! Keep it up!

Frequency Challenge

O.M.G... We actually got one week of the Frequency challenge done!!!

Everyone met the minimum requirement!!! One more week to go, lets knock it out.

The Chain Game

Each week, complete three days of workouts and gain an extra week on your chain. See how many consecutive weeks you can chain together!


This week was pretty awesome, we add another 254.82 kilometers to our totals. This moves us quite far on the map, bringing us to somewhere in the middle of nowhere on Route 66!