This past weekend was full of traveling and fun; here are some photos of the happenings!

To start off the weekend, bright and early Saturday morning, Dave, Ellie, and I ran from our hotel to the stairs featured in the movie Rocky! It was ridiculously hot out, and this was before I shaved for the wedding!

Ellie and I on the top of the Rocky Stairs!

Dave and I on top of the stairs . . . it was BRUTALLY hot out.

If only Rocky had had Vibrams!

After feeling great about our run, we had to ruin it. We headed to get some famous Philly cheese steaks!

Om Nom Nom

Sooo Tasty!

The wedding itself was beautiful and a ton of fun. Though the drive made for a long trip for just the weekend, it was well worth it to celebrate and have fun with family and friends. Now I'm really looking forward to our next trip to Cape Cod, with more planned runs and family-fun activities . . . minus the Philly cheese steaks! Maybe we can get some of Liam's famous fried food . . . !