Wow . . . another week, already into August! Exciting results to share, so let's go, go, go!


Keep on keeping on everyone! Doing great!

I think those of us who had some cheese steaks over the weekend saw it on the scale today, but no worries . . . this coming weekend should be action packed, Oreo-filled fun!


Anti-Fat Points for the week! For those of you who aren't familiar or are first time readers, Anti-Fat Points is a system that attempts to normalize workouts so that we can congratulate those working hard in whatever ways they find enjoyable. Check out the AFP section at the top for more information!

I am super excited to see how many people are hitting the 100 AFP minimum-suggested activity level. That is really, really awesome. Major props to those of you who went far beyond that this week!


Here is a breakdown of all the data submitted this week, first a distance-per-activity pie chart, and then a duration-of-activity chart.

So many categories everywhere!

Frequency Challenge

Now, for the MAJOR NEWS!!!!

The goal was to have EVERYONE workout 3 times per week, for two consecutive weeks. It took NINE weeks, but we did it!!!!

I am incredibly stoked to see that we actually accomplished our goal. To have twenty-four individual people workout three times per week for two weeks in a row is simply incredible. Awesome job everyone!

Now . . . time to think about the next ridiculous challenge! Stay tuned.

Chain Game

Here are the personal chains. Every week you complete three days of workouts, you can build your chain. Don't break it!


This week we add another 247 kilometers to our total! This puts us right outside of Las Vegas!