The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration has made it official. July 2012 was the hottest month on record for the continental United States.  I'm not going to get into climate-change talk or anything like that; instead, I wanted to congratulate everyone for the amount of effort spent by everyone this past month.

It's gettin hot in hurr.

July was a great month for 2FNs, despite the heat. We saw our numbers grow as more people are getting active. Many people were able to put together week after week of consistent, three-day-a-week routines, building their personal chains. I am super excited to see how well we do in the next few months, when it should actually be reasonably nice out!

I wanted to take a quick second to remind everyone, especially all of the newly enthusiastic members, to take it easy when it is brutally hot out. I myself have gone out for a workout and simply found it a bit too much to handle and have had to cut my workouts short. That is totally okay. It really is better to take it easy when the heat is excessive.

To change gears quickly, Jade sent me an AWESOME breakdown of some Olympic statistics.

For the article: Click Here

Basically, the infographics and videos breakdown Usain Bolt's (I may be high on him right now) 100 meter victory against every previous 100 meter competitor in Olympic history. It is really, really interesting to see the progress over time. Also, the fact that the record-holding fastest eight-year-old's time is just off third place from 1896 . . . insane. The ten-year-old runners could compete as recently as 1980. I repeat: insane.

Check it out; it is pretty fun!