Hello hello! Despite Ellie and I having every intention to lay low this weekend after many travels, we decided to head out to her parents for something completely new to me: A Tractor Pull.  What is a Tractor Pull you ask? Well! Here is a 15 second video I took showing exactly what it is.

The above pull is the standard tractor division. He did alright, but it wasn't a "full pull." A Full pull is when they pull the sled passed the finish line, like in the below video!

You may have noticed the airplane engines mounted on the tractor. Thank you Papa Volk for supplying us with ear plugs. They were incredibly loud.

It was a pretty awesome experience. I've never quite seen anything like it, and honestly watching the crowd was almost as fun as watching the tractors. Overall an awesome night!

On Sunday, we headed into the gardens we planted earlier this summer to harvest some of the ripe crops. We planted quite a lot of tomatoes, peppers, corn, potatoes and a bunch of other things. It made for a pretty delicious dinner.

Farm Fresh Produce, right from our gardens!

Everything but the mozzarella was grown at my in-laws. Having a country escape out of Buffalo has been a blessing this summer, and Audrey loves to play with Fred and Ginger (the Corgi and Chihuahua!).

In running news, we had a seven mile training run on Saturday that wasn't our best. It was a bit warm out, we were running at noon, and we over-estimated the distance to the waterfront. In all we probably covered about nine miles, so it was a bit of a walk home after the run. Hopefully next Saturday will go a little bit better.

Overall, a pretty awesome weekend!