It is everyone's favorite day of the week! Welcome to all the new members who have registered last week, including (but not limited to):  Jeff, Jackie, Chelsea, and Paige! We now have 40 registered users in the tracking system! This is about 38 more people than I thought would ever use this system, and I am blown away by its adoption. 2FNs is now in the brainstorming stage of giving the whole site a face-lift to better serve its purposes, so stay tuned for teasers in the weeks to come.

Now for more important things. Time to dive into this week's results!


Go, Adrienne, go!

Holy crap, Adrienne! She has posted another huge loss this week, getting right back on track and showing how effective working out and counting calories can be. Keep it up, sista! Also, nice job, Dave, who posted an awesome loss this week. It must be something to do with the Belmont, Mass, water supply.


Skateboarding wins!

Ian has been extremely busy with teaching and skating; major props!


That's a lot of time skating!

Chain Game

Now, for what really matters: the Chain Game!

Keep those chains building by doing 3 days a week!


This week we add another 185 km (though I expect not everyone has reported their information yet!). Time to head up the coast! Los Angeles!