Some of you may have seen a little teaser image on Facebook a couple days ago, and I'd thought it may be fun to post it on the actual blog.

Redesign in the works!

We are currently planning an overhaul of the tracking system, and we hope to roll it out in a few months. I've enlisted the help of a digital media specialist, and I am super excited about the early results!

To be honest, I'm not really all that thrilled about the current system that's in place. It has the basic necessities that allow me to gather statistics for each Weigh-In Wednesday post, but beyond that it is fairly limited (and a bit of a hack job, in my opinion). My hope for the new system is to make it much more accessible, more informative, and significantly more pretty.

I've been brainstorming about a lot of new ideas and about what has worked well—and what hasn't worked well—in the current system. I would love to hear from actual users about what they want to see added or removed. It is always interesting to have additional insights.

Thinking of things that you wish you could do on the site? Are you competitive and want to see your data graphed next to a specific friend? Or do you want to have a head-to-head AFP challenge with your spouse? Let me know what would be cool and what you would use!

P.S. Look for more teasers over the next several weeks as things progress!