Here is my tale of woe!

It all started off with good intentions. Yesterday I made an appointment for my car inspection (which happens to be a couple weeks overdue) for this morning. My plan was to get up and get the car there by 8:00 a.m., walk the few short blocks to work, and pick it up at some point on the way home. I've done this in the past with no issue.

Last night I stayed up to watch a pretty exciting football game between Denver and Atlanta. Despite not liking either team, the game captured my intention and, against my better judgement, I stayed up until it was over. I firmly believe this led to my inability to wake up this morning, and if it weren't for Ellie remembering with about ten minutes until 8:00 that I had an appointment, I surely would have missed it. Bad decision #1.

She picked me up after I dropped off my car and we returned home. She was now late for work, and I had no way to get to work myself. Oh, and it is has been pouring rain this entire morning. I had the bright idea to throw on a pair of gym shorts, get a rain coat and throw it over my bag, and bike to work. Bad decision #2.

While I was biking, I quickly realized I was getting 100 percent soaked. I also realized I didn't really plan too well, and though I had already showered and gotten dressed for work, I neglected to bring a change of dry clothes in the event that I did in fact get soaked on my bike to work in the pouring rain. Bad decision #3.

Halfway to work, my bike chain popped off when I tried to change gears way too fast. Instead of stopping like any normal person would do and popping it back on quick and being on my way, I determined that it was mostly downhill from where I was, so I sat on my bike and galloped the rest of the way. By the time I made it to work, I realized that Buffalo is in fact mostly flat, and the hills that I thought would propel me to work actually didn't exist. Bad decision #4.

I walked up to my lab with my coat dripping and my bag that was under the coat soaked through. Luckily I had a bath towel at work and we have shower facilities, so I washed up and put on my semi-dry fleece. I think the wetness is compounded by the fact that my lab is kept at sixty degrees for the highly sensitive equipment. . . .  It is going to be a long, cold day.

Oh, and did I mention my car was ready to be picked up by the time I got out of the shower at work?

The final bad decision was the fact that I didn't actually put a bike rack in my car, so now I'll have to drive my butt home, change into running gear, run back to work (probably in the rain), and then bike home. Bad decision #5.

Then again, at least I get anti-fat points and am now guaranteed not to break my chain! #silverlining