As many of you are aware, four of us here at 2 Fat Nerds are going to be running the Boston Half Marathon on Sunday. The closer we get to the run date, I have found myself not necessarily worked up but definitely not 100 percent calm and collected either.

I find myself stressed a little bit about maintaining my normal routine . . . to the point that I've honestly broken from it as a result from trying to maintain it . . . if that makes any sense at all. I think the lack of a full training load has got me twiddling my thumbs a bit.

But enough of that crap; I know I'm ready to run strong and finish it.

The weather report looks spectacular! Fifty degrees and rainy! And no, I wasn't being sarcastic. That is basically the best type of weather to run in. It makes it so easy to stay cool, and when you are thirsty, just tilt your head back and take in some gulps. But seriously, it will be nice not having to worry about overheating and struggling with that.

I studied the course elevation changes a bit and compared it to our typical routes in Buffalo. Buffalo is straight-up flat. However, much to my delight, a stretch of running from downtown toward our home is about an 8/10 of a mile uphill at a grade similar to what we will face on race day. I guess we have done a little hill work!

After reading through this post, I guess it's kind of disjointed, but I think it is a good representation of my current state of mind. Is this the tapering madness that Amy has been talking about?!

Oh yeah! I wanted to give a formal shout out to Amy over at LavendarParking! She and her husband have been training hard for the Chicago Marathon, and I know everyone here at 2 Fat Nerds wishes her the best of luck. I know that one day she will be racing in Boston, either from her results at this race or from another, and I  am excited to read her posts as she continues in her training. I encourage everyone to click on over and check her stuff out. Good luck!!