As promised, a full race recap of the 2012 Boston Half Marathon... via pictures!

We all woke up to a surprisingly beautiful morning. It was supposed to be 50 degrees and rainy all morning, but it turned out to be a perfect day to race. Our cheering team woke up bright and early to show their support!

Adrienne and her beautiful sign. She has her morning coffee so she was ready to start her day!

The rest of our cheering team (minus my dad who is behind the camera!) Thanks everyone for the love and support!

We had two scheduled meeting points on the race, the first we would see everyone was at mile 2.5. This seemed to come by very quickly! The second, where the photos below are from, were taken at our second meeting point at 7.5 miles into the race.

Mike at mile 7.5

Suz at mile 7.5

Ellie and Jono at mile 7.5

Take note of Dave running bandit in jeans and a hoodie behind us to get premium in-race footage.

A great view of our custom 2FatNerds shirts. Rep the brand!

The next time we would see our support team was at the 13 mile mark, headed into the stadium to finish the last tenth of a mile.

Mike and Suz just feet away from the finish line.

Jono and Ellie two minutes behind

Jono and Ellie crossing the finish line

Finally we crossed the finish line. Mike and Suz came in at 2 hours and 17 minutes, while Ellie and Jon finished at 2 hours and 19 minutes. Suz and Ellie both beat mike and I by a second each!

Mike and Suz with all of the collected post-race spoils.

Jono and Ellie, post-race

And the group shot posted yesterday!

Team 2 Fat Nerds

I want to thank everyone again for the love and support. This was not an easy race at all, and it is a great feeling to have it under my belt. I heard a rumor that there is substantial video footage from the race, so look for a short film, similar to our Freihofer 5K video! Thanks everyone!