I've read about this thing called Post-Marathon Depression. After the big race a runner can get pretty down and out. Dealing with lingering soreness, the lack of a structured training schedule, and simply having to move on from the thing we probably have fixated over for the better part of six months. Though I only ran half the distance of a full marathon, I can definitely see that condition being real.

I'm still decently sore, though most of my aches and pains have diminished. I do have a fairly serious left-foot thing-a-ma-jig going on that has kept me from heading out to log a few easy miles. Aside from my physical ailments, I'm also trying to figure out what I want to do next. Is a full marathon in the cards for me, or am I content with the half? If I go for a marathon would it be just to run the distance, or do I train extra hard and try to improve my times? Do I need to have a plan, or should I just go run to be healthy for a while?

It has been less than a week, and I have been very relaxed about my diet and exercise . . . I've been eating whatever I want and laying on the couch. Not exactly the best idea when I'm still working to lose those last 5-10 stubborn pounds. I tell myself that it is only for a few days until I'm back to normal and out running and riding to work again. I know that is the truth, because at the end of the day I have this blog to keep me responsible and accountable. Without it, who knows?

I think I'll figure out the answer to all my questions in the coming days, once I'm able to go log a few miles of running. The clarity will return, and I'll know exactly what I want to do. One thing I do know though is that I'm done eating like crap and laying on the couch. I've had my fun and gained back a few beer pounds. But it is time. It is time to get back on the wagon, because as a wise man with a gun on his arm once said, "there ain't no gettin off of this train we on."