This is the first installment of a new monthly segment called Member Spotlight. Each month a 2FNS member will be chosen and interviewed about who they are, what they do, and why they do it. I think it is a cool way to introduce people who not everyone may know.

This Spotlight post is on Ian, who often dominates the AFP leaderboard with his skateboarding activities. Here is a first-hand glimpse into his skating skills!

Question and Answer

When did you start skating?

I started skating the summer before ninth grade, so I guess that's almost a decade now which is . . . scary.

Based on how much AFP you get, you are pretty active. How much time do you put in on any given week?

I try to get out and skate as often as possible but with work and other commitments it's never as much as I'd like. Usually I devote at least one day off a week to skating, my "skate day," which means I'm out for 5-10 hours a day. I'm not skating the whole time; I take breaks and some of the time is spent driving from spot to spot or to a skatepark but on any given skate day I am probably pushing around on my board for at least 4 hours. Sometimes I'll go to a park before work or after for a quick hour session. All in all I'd say it ranges from 8-15 hours a week? Additionally I run a 5k 2-3 times per week and I do some calisthenics from time to time.

What is your biggest pet-peeve in regards to the stereotypes of skateboarders?

People think skateboarding is for kids, and that most of those kids are weird druggie misfit type delinquents. It's gotten better in the last few ears as skateboarding has gotten a little more mainstream but I think the misconception still exists. I'm a twenty-three-year-old college graduate. I've got a job and a life...and skateboarding is a huge part of it.

Do you consider skateboarding exercise? Explain what it takes to get good.

Skateboarding takes a lot of leg strength. It also takes upper body strength as your core is constantly working to keep your body balanced and stabilized while moving. I can tell you that after one of those full days of skateboarding I am completely exhausted and my legs ache for days after.

Getting good at skateboarding, like all else, takes patience, practice, and time. Learning a new trick can take forever and being able to do a lot of tricks doesn't necessarily make you good. The time spent just riding around becoming comfortable with balancing, turning, and just getting to know how your board responds to the physical directions you give it will go a long way.

How many dinners per night do you eat? (Adrienne said to ask this)

I eat at least two meals per night. I usually eat a small breakfast, a regular lunch, dinner at around 6, again at 8, and then I snack all night. A lot of times I cook first dinner and have the leftover two hours later. Most of my caloric intake probably happens between 6pm-2am. Currently my metabolism is handling this...we'll see for how long.

Where is the coolest place you've ever gotten to skate?

Back in 2008 I was lucky enough to take a two-week long skate trip to China with the skateshop that I ride for. It was one of the most interesting places I have ever been, and skateboarding through the cities and small towns was one of the coolest ways to sight-see.

Do you have any exciting plans coming up, or are you working on any new tricks?

I'm always working on new tricks but nothing in particular. I'm in a video with some friends from Boston coming out in November, it's called Suede Peach and it should be out in the next few weeks. For those of you unfamiliar with skate videos, you film a 3-4 minute part of tricks, set it to music, and put in a full length film format with other skaters. We'll be premiering it in Boston in November!

Why did you decide to join up with 2 Fat Nerds?

Well, I liked the idea of tracking my exercise. My dad has been an avid cyclist and runner and he managed to pass this on to me.  Also it was to "inspire" Adrienne. Or something like that.

Any blog shout outs to mention?

You guys! That's really it.

I want to thank Ian for helping me launch this new monthly segment. It is pretty cool to watch people skating and sticking the tricks they are trying, and it is awesome to have him as a member of 2FNS. Keep it up!