Adrienne sent me a bunch of pictures to share, so as promised (though a day late), here they are!

Clicking on the photos will bring a full image of them!

Well, as Adrienne put it this morning, "After a weekend of competitive eating, I feel HORRIBLE." That pretty much sums up my feelings too. It was a blast throwing out all the rules and having fun. Two nights out on the town with everyone, 100 chicken wings and two pizzas, french fries, craft beer, more craft beer, bagels, chocolate pumpkin bread, burgers, sausage, black bean burgers, chips and queso, trail mix, pasta salads, 1 am burritos and take out greek food, and probably a few other things have left me with a great feeling in the pit of my stomach . . . but you know what, I regret nothing. YOLO!

I am excited to get back to normal though, and more importantly out for a couple of runs. I am think of heading out this evening for a mile or two and test the waters. Most of my lingering pain has gone, though my foot isn't 100%. We will see how it goes though. Who knew I would miss working out and running this much. Bizarre.

Aside from that, I've been playing video games again! It has been a long while since I played anything much, and not working out every night has given me some free time to play a bit with the nerds. Apparently I am pretty rusty, though I did beat Dave 1v1... te he he. (He beat me 5 times before I won.)

Overall, it has been a great several days and I am super excited to head home to Albany for Thanksgiving.