One of my favorite things about Fall is the complete unpredictability of weather. We are officially having a several day Indian Summer! For those of you who don't know the phrase:

An Indian summer is a period of unseasonably warm, dry weather, occurring after the end of summer proper. The US National Weather Service defines this as where the weather is sunny and clear, and above 21 °C (70 °F), after there has been a sharp frost; a period normally associated with late-September to mid-November. -wikipedia

Walking out my front door this morning to a blast of warm air was absolutely amazing. Yesterday in Buffalo it nearly hit 80 degrees. For lunch our lab walked out to enjoy the sun to a row of food trucks waiting to serve us delicious treats. I may have gotten a large pile of Apple Crisp which was fantastic, though naturally not as good as my moms. There was so much buzz outside, so much activity. There were many people out taking their lunch breaks and enjoying some sun.

I went for a run again last night for the second day in a row. No massive burrito stitch this time! I did a quick mile and looped back home, pretty content. I am still being pretty cautious and I don't want to do too much too soon, but it felt good. I am definitely more sore though having not been very active! I can feel my IT bands locking up from what I feel is lack of consistent use. Time to stretch!

I'm looking forward to the weekend, and hoping to get at least a 3 to 4 miles in on a longer run to test the waters a bit more. Though the forecast is showing some wet weather coming, just being out running will be enough for me! It is also going to be a brew weekend! Any last-minute requests for the next batch? This one will be kegged and on tap! Have a great weekend everyone!