How inconvenient. Doesn't this hurricane know I am scheduled to return to some longer mileage runs this week?

In all seriousness though, I want to encourage all of the runners out there to take it easy outside if you are around the storm's path. Flash flooding, mudslides, lightning, and down powered-lines are all pretty serious hazards. They aren't really worth messing with to get a few miles in.

I wonder how many extra calories / points you should be able to earn running straight into a 70 mile per hour wind? Apparently for cyclists, it would require 73 calories a minute to maintain a 10 mph speed into 70 mile per hour winds. I think I've got a new favorite way to shred pounds.

So anyway, The Troy Turkey Trot is now three weeks away and I have yet to run a distance of more than a mile and a half at a time in three weeks. I'm not exactly nervous about it, but I was really hoping to get at least a few solid weeks of training in.  Yesterday was good, we hit the gym for some elliptical work. I had intended to run but every single treadmill was full, or next to someone who was too intense to saddle up next to. I think there is something about running next to someone on a treadmill that I am not a fan of. I don't mind running next to Ellie, or in a group of people out side . . . just inside where the air is . . . shared? Weirdo.

Stay safe, and enjoy the latest addition to my workout music playlist.