I hope everyone came through the storm without too much damage done. Buffalo was spared for the most part, very little damage done to the area. We are expecting a bunch more rain, but the major hazards have passed.

I was reminded of a pretty cool website called wind map, which is a real-time look at the air patterns over the U.S. Who can tell me where the hurricane is? Here is an image from this morning.

Hurricane Sandy Wind Map

In related news, with the storm threat almost officially over, it is time to get back to more important things like training plans, dietary forays and getting ready for the holiday race season. With that I present, the 2 Fat Nerds November Challenge.

Some of you may remember our monthly challenges back in the Spring, and the infamous Frequency Challenge that has led to the permanent chain game. This month is another, similar challenge.

The November Challenge

Every 2FNS member must contribute AFP to earn a minimum team average of 165 AFP  across all members, for two consecutive weeks in a row. If we fail to achieve our average score, the clock resets.

This challenge is going to include all regularly submitting members, so there is no opting out! It is up to the community to encourage each other to achieve our average goal.

165 AFP may seem like a lot to some, not a lot to others. I believe it is a very attainable average score for the team, though it may be a little harder than anticipated. For instance, our last weigh-in stats was a team average of 99.5, which is below our minimum suggested activity level of 100!

The Goal

The goal of this challenge is to establish a little bit more of a vigorous schedule leading into the Holidays. With Thanksgiving approaching, I want everyone to up their level of base activity.


This challenge starts on Wednesday, October 31st and will end whenever we accomplish this goal as a team.

Good luck and be safe!