As promised, once everyone finally got their data in, an updated chain game graph! For those of you who may be new, each Wednesday we post our workout results from the past week. One of the things we do is to see who can work out at least three times a week, for as many consecutive weeks in a row. Three people are now up to 21 weeks in a row!


There is quite a large contingent of people with no active chains, I want to encourage everyone to change that! With the November Challenge underway, we will need all hands on deck to get an average of 165 AFP. I crunched some numbers, and I think I may have set a lofty goal. I think it is doable, but it is going to take a lot of work!

I hope everyone had a good Halloween! Here is a picture, courtesy of David, of our two dogs in Halloween garb!

Audrey (black) and Autumn (white)!