People run for all different reasons. Some may want to clear their mind and relieve stress, or lose weight and get in shape. Some may even just be training to survive the zombie apocalypse. The level of commitment varies immensely from person to person. From someone working on their first 5k to training for the Boston Marathon, every runner has their reasons.

My friend Mark, who had been blogging at Staufenrunning, is now running with a new goal in mind. He wants to raise money for the American Red Cross and help their efforts in the Hurricane Sandy cleanup. As someone who is living in Manhattan and loves to run in Manhattan, he wants to give back to the city he lives in.

His plan is to take per mile pledges, and also straight donations, in a see-how-far-Mark-can-run event. His plan is to run over the course of 12 hours (7am to 7pm) on November 12th. I think this is a pretty awesome idea, and I would love for people to support him. 1 buck, 5 buck, .25 bucks per mile etc . . . anything. All proceeds go directly to the Red Cross.

The NYC Marathon was cancelled this year, but good still came from it. Thousands of would-be-marathoners donated their time and effort to the clean-up. The running community is full of amazing people, which is what helps make this hobby such a rewarding one.

Here is the official link to his campaign page, check it out. Thanks.