After a solid half hour of trigonometry with two of my co-workers and my intern, we have determined, after the help of Ryan the Intern who solved the problem within five minutes of showing up, that Buffalo is in fact still flat. We utilized a highly technical mathematical concept known as trigonometry to figure out the percent incline of what I felt was a decent training hill. It turns out that my training hill is just a little over a 1.3% incline.

Math Hurts

Basically, I am highly disappointed in my training hill. If anyone in Buffalo knows of a better spot close to the city center, let me know! I guess it seemed like that hill was way worse, but thinking about it I guess it wasn't any where near as bad as some of the hills we ran in Boston. Looks like I'll be doing some hill work on treadmills!

On the Turkey-Day weight-loss front, Ellie and I have made a little progress, she is down .2 lbs and I haven't gained much, so that is good! To reiterate, we are working to get the last few pounds off towards our goal before the holiday season begins. Every thursday we will provide a quick update until Turkey Day!